About Us

eVisas Migration Agents and Migration Lawyers in Brisbane

eVisas is a registered immigration business specialising in visa applications. Our focus is on providing clients with a personal, efficient and professional service that ensures the best chance of success for each individual.

Why Us?

Our team has built a reputation for providing friendly, efficient and effective services for people in a range of situations. Most of our business is gained through personal recommendation because we:

  • are registered and experienced immigration professionals
  • have outstanding success rates
  • provide a free case assessment
  • ensure a stress free and efficient application
  • are quick to answer all questions
  • give you the best chance of getting where you need to be

If you would like to find out more please feel free to contact our friendly team using the form below or call us on 0404 041 173.

About Our Staff

Trent Pickup

Senior Migration Agent

M.A.R.N 0638435

Phone: 0404 041 173
Email: trent@evisas.com.au

Trent is the Director of eVisas and first registered as a Migration Agent in 2006.
Trent has a wealth of experience with all types of visa applications as he’s been working within the industry for more than 17 years.

Trent completed a Bachelor of Business at Swinburne University in Melbourne, relocated to Brisbane in 2001 and worked as an Accountant then Finance Manager for 10 years, mainly in 5-star hotels. He then worked in an architect and legal firm. His father was a Registered Migration Agent, so Trent became interested in helping people through this process too, so changed careers to the exciting world of migration!

His previous work experience in accounting and as a manager, and with the majority being in hospitality, is of great benefit to not only running eVisas, but in providing excellent service and preparing strong applications for his clients.

He is extremely passionate about helping people, so absolutely loves his work, which translates to the excellent results he gets for his clients.